THE EFFORTLESS SWING® approach for optimal golf...      


“I was working with my daughter who hits the ball nicely, but has an injured back. I believe many of the ideas that you emphasize, such as of moving softly with more fluid action, helped me help her to swing with more ease and comfort.”

Dave Wall,
Golf Teaching Professional

“I knew what to do from my golf lessons, but the body awareness really helped me apply the knowing. I also found my ability to focus improved.”

-- B.T., Insurance Executive



The Effortless Swing® approach helps achieve your optimal golf swing through minimal effort. Become more consistent, focused, and powerful.

Deep down every golfer knows the ‘feel’ of an effortless swing!
Performing that golf swing consistently with the fine-tuning necessary for golf, will take that golfer to another level. The Effortless Swing® approach is a series of movement lessons (The Feldenkrais Method®) that create a consistent golf swing through body awareness. Golfers become more powerful and focused. For the past twenty years hundreds of golfers at workshops have benefited from this approach...and now, for only $34.95, you too, can gain the benefits.
Do you hold your breath when you address the ball? Do you clench your teeth and grip the club way too tightly? Your worst enemy could be yourself!

The Effortless Swing® approach is a series of four movement/awareness lessons designed to bring every golfer back to the natural, easy movements we knew before age, injury, and stress combined to slow us down.
 "I've gone through the Effortless Swing® program 4 - 5 times and have noticed big improvements in both my scores and my enjoyment of the game. 
I'm playing some of the best golf of my life without "trying" hard atall.  Thanks for putting out such a great product."  Rob from TN
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Now, for just $34.95, the Effortless Swing® approach is available in an audio recording. This approach takes the golfer through movement/awareness lessons designed to ‘rewire’ those connections between mind and body, freeing you, the golfer, to relax and just play the game as you've always dreamed. For the injured golfer, this is a mindbody approach that brings you back to playing the game with ease and lightness.

Bonnie Kissam, M.A., Florida-based Feldenkrais® Practitioner created this approach when she realized her golf game improved -- without trying.

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